Gluten-Free Rules

I had the pleasure of bumping into food writer Melissa Clark not once, but twice, in the last month. I was happy to learn she was working on a piece for her New York Times column about gluten-free cooking and baking, and that she’d be talking with my author and early advocate of the gluten-free movement, Shauna James Ahern of glutenfreegirl.com. The terrific article ran today and it highlights a number of gluten-free cookbooks that have hit the market in the last couple of years. As Melissa indicates, gluten-free has become mainstream, and it seems to me this is a direction that more of us will be going in over time. Our diet is literally making many of us sick, and eliminating triggers like gluten is one way to get back to the basics of natural whole foods, and a healthier, more balanced way of eating. I’m not gluten-free, and my kids and I eat more of the stuff than I care to admit, but I’m paying close attention to what’s happening in the world of gluten-free living, and I suspect I’ll be dipping my toes in those waters at some point. The gluten-free recipes I’ve made and desserts I’ve sampled are quite good, and with so many innovators like Shauna out there paving the way for the rest of us, it’s become easier, if not easy, to adapt to this lifestyle change. There are a lot of books and sites mentioned in this piece, but are there any other gluten-free cookbooks or websites you love that aren’t covered in this article?

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  1. Since I’m gluten-free, most of what my kids eat is too. My fave GF cookbook is “Make it Fast, Cook it Slow,” by Stephanie O’Dea but I’m a huge fan of the slow cooker. I also modified a pasta recipe from Williams-Sonoma to make it GF and several people have told me it’s the best pasta they’ve ever had. Tinkyada is by far the best GF pasta brand IMO, and no one can tell the difference. I’ll have to check out the other cookbooks though…I love trying new recipes!

  2. Joelle says:

    My friend is gluten free and so I often try making things for her since I’m a bit of a cook and I like a challenge. I’ve tried a lot of books(library), but maybe not your client’s, so I’ll look her up. I have to say though that the challenge to my budget is the biggest thing. I have some great recipes that are loaded with eggs and almond butter and other expensive ingredients. If you know of a gluten free cookbook that doesn’t require so many special or generally expensive items, that’d be the one I want. I find this true of a lot of vegan food too (we’re veggie and almost vegan – we eat eggs).

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