Blogging advice continued (and a prize!)

Last week I wrote about food blogs. I’m following it up this week with a fun timeline of food blogs published by Saveur. If you are interested in this category, this piece offers a great sort of who’s who, and a bit of information about the blogs and bloggers, along with some of their first posts. It’s amazing to see how fast this world has grown, and how some of the bigger names got their start. And I’m happy to see we have a couple of authors on this list.

For those of you looking for specific advice in the area of blogging, whatever your topic of choice, I found this blog post, shared with me by an editor friend, incredibly helpful. It’s really detailed, and my favorite part is that it offers the approximate time it will take you to successfully complete each of the suggested tasks. The advice is broken down in such a way that it avoids feeling overwhelming or too nebulous, and I think if you read it carefully and implement some or all of the suggestions (if you are already blogging, there will be things you can pass over, but I think there are good reminders here too), you will see results. Who’s ready to give it a try? If any of our readers take the time to follow the 21 steps listed here, let us know one month after completion if there is a noticeable increase in your blog traffic. When you send me the stats, I will send you a copy of one of my books. It’s a win-win — increased blog traffic and productivity for you, and a shiny new book to go with it!

One Response to Blogging advice continued (and a prize!)

  1. I checked out the 21 steps and realize there is much to learn on the blogging front. I am not sure if I can implement all 21 this month, but I’ll start with a few of them, those that I have been thinking about: add the facebook-like and retweet buttons, list posts that I think represents my blog in the best way.

    Thanks for the link. I’ll also be checking out the food related sites as well. The first blog I started before I knew anything about blogging, was a food blog. It was very much a training ground. It’s dormant now but maybe one day I’ll resurrect it.

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