“The sceptre and the isle”

This fun survey of royally bad relationships had me pondering the fate of Kate and Will once the wedding hoopla is over and done with and the reality of marriage in full public view sets in.  Having always been fascinated with British royal history (what a lot of nutters and knaves!) I’ve read a lot of fiction and some non-fiction devoted to the goings on of the English kings and queens.  From the Plantagenets to the Windsors, every generation of royals seems to bring with it its share of tragedy, scandal, and…interesting fashion choices.  As the latest royal wedding (with its attendant media frenzy) draws near, I wonder what narratives of intrigue and glory this pretty couple will inspire for future authors.  Let’s hope their marriage is more stable and happy than Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine’s or Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn’s, say.  But if it isn’t, I’m sure there will be many bestsellers chronicling what went wrong.

What are your favorite books about British royalty?

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  1. Matt Phillips says:

    Been a huge Sharon Kay Penman fan since high school. She has always done such a great job humanizing English and Welsh medieval monarchs, from the obscure to the famous, and crafting deep, surprising characters out of them. In her most recent book, Devil’s Brood, the reader really comes to understand the rift between Henry II, Eleanor and their sons from each one’s point of view.

    I’d rather write about everyday people’s experiences with historical figures and events than focus on royalty and the like, but I’d like to think I’ve learned a lot about writing in the genre from reading SKP over the years.

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