…in bed.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit it, but I have some seriously slothful tendencies. If I thought I’d get anything done, I’d install a hammock in my office. My point is I like lounging around. A stack of books on my night table, a lap desk and a laptop nearby, and some Mad Men episodes on the DVR and I could stay in bed for days. There’s something about the relaxed state you find yourself in when propped up against a bunch of pillows that allows for a certain type of creativity—assuming, of course, that you can stay awake.

This fun piece by Meg Wolitzer reminded me that the bed can be as creative a hub as the dining table or the library. It also got me thinking about literary goings-on in beds (usually sex and death, but not always). What are your favorite bedroom scenes in literature?

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  1. The bedroom scene within the story of my life where I’m sitting in bed on a Monday morning and reading the book review section of the Sacramento Bee. I’m drinking my morning blend, accompanied by my five dogs as we share our common space and I’m reading about making it to #1 on the NY Times nonfiction bestseller list because DGLM has done an outstanding job representing my inspired dream as a new author! So Miriam, why haven’t you responded to my email yet?

    A burgeoning author with endorsements from the past president of Disney motion pictures, a multiple NY Times bestselling author and icon in his medical arena along with a 3-time Super Bowl champion and a legend in NCAA College football are but a small set of my endorsers who I’ve yet to bring aboard to endorse my writing dream and great story telling. A reasonable person would most likely anticipate and hope that a responsive email would appear.

    I guess I’ll just have to become a celebrity first in order to get an email back from you regarding my “testing the water” with you to get “acquainted” first. I’m just having some fun here Miriam.

    My new acquaintance David Morrell speaks highly of the COMMITMENT that DGLM has come to represent to him during your shared tenure with such a legend like “Rambo’s Father” in the thriller genre, whose become nestled in your care.

    Question? The Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing is following me on Twitter as is Henry Holt publishing and MC Hammer with his 2.5 million followers among others. What does it take for DGLM to follow suit and lend support to my growing social media platform? I follow you. I’d be “honored” if reciprocity would result as a measure of support since Jane is waiting for my proposal to arrive in her inbox. @COMMITTOBELIEVE is where you’ll find me.

    Keep your eyes on me Miriam. You’ll like what you see!! Can you tell I’m an old school, warrior ex-jock? Have a great day frolicking amongst your myriad of alluring literary enticements and cinematic pleasures. Time to put “The Hulk” away and settle back into my writing space.

    Do take some time to be grateful for a wonderful day! Blessings…….KJR

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    …and please note, the “Eww” did not refer to Miriam or her post…ahem…ahem…

  4. Miriam says:

    Mr. Richardson, I know that you have been communicating with Jane Dystel about your project. As a rule, if someone here has material from or is in discussions with an author, the other agents defer to that person. I checked with Jane’s assistant and Jane has, indeed, responded to you, so it would not be appropriate for me to get involved at this point. I do wish you much luck with your platform building efforts.

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