The young and the famous

By now you regular blog readers know that I am the agency’s eternal optimist. I’m always interested in and often talking about the uplifting, inspiring stories of authors finding their way or books making a positive impact on people. So I was happy to see this nice piece by Charles McGrath (Riverhead editor Sarah McGrath’s dad) in yesterday’s New York Times which highlights not only the author, Téa Obreht’s (age 25), amazing success with her first novel, The Tiger’s Wife, but also calls attention to the young agent who sold it, Seth Fishman (age 30), and the young editor who acquired it, Noah Eaker (at age 26, as his second acquisition). Thanks, Charles, for pointing out those important behind-the-scenes players! It’s so refreshing to see success stories from young people just getting started in their careers, and it looks like this is quite an auspicious start indeed. The novel has received unanimous praise and reviews that describe the novice author as talented well beyond her years. I am eager to read the book, and look forward to submitting my own projects to her editor, who (not surprisingly) was recently promoted. I think it’s a pretty good guess we’ll be seeing the novel on bestseller lists in the coming weeks. Who’s your favorite young author with an old writing soul?

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  1. Teri C. says:

    I’ve heard so many people complaining about this, and I just don’t get it. With all the dismal news in the industry, you’d think everyone could get excited —- yes, “excited” —- about the success story of all 3 of these young folks.

    I heard Tea speak on a panel at AWP. She was incredibly poised and humble and gracious, and she had smart things to say about her writing process, and writing in general. Let’s all applaud her hard work and success.

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