Make me laugh

I went to a comedy show last night.  I’ve seen a lot more comedy since I moved to LA, in part because I know a couple of people here who do it.  One friend actually hosts a monthly show that I always attend, even when I don’t feel like it.  When you work from home and start work at 6:30 AM, getting your butt out of the house for a comedy show that starts at 8 PM is a challenge.  (Ok, I know plenty of people for whom this would not be hard, but I’m a bit of a homebody.)  I always make myself go, though, because no matter how crappy I may feel when I leave the house, I always feel great by time the show starts.

It comes down to this: I love to laugh.  And I will laugh at just about anything, though especially at my own jokes–which anyone at DGLM will confirm.  And I think humor is important.  One of the comics last night dealt with some really dark, heavy topics, but in doing so with humor, she really drew the audience in.  People were listening to her in a way they wouldn’t have if she’d dealt with the issues in a more serious way.

All of this is to say, I’d really like to see more funny submissions.  Funny memoir, YA, middle-grade, adult fiction–you name it.  I’m just in the mood to laugh.  And if you’re laughing about life’s more serious subjects, even better.  I’ll always take darkly comic over slapstick.  So I dare you: make me laugh!

8 Responses to Make me laugh

  1. therealjasonb says:

    Is making fun of Tibet darkly comic enough?


  2. Anonymous Poster Who Doesn't Want To Shamelessly Promote On a Blog Post says:

    I have an erotic romance releasing next month with a scene where the two main characters are engaging in what they refer to as “literary sex.” You know, those sex scenes in mainstream literary novels where the author describes the characters as “doing the deed.”

    You have to laugh at these things in life… :)

  3. Ara Burklund says:

    This isn’t about books, but have you seen Colin Quinn’s show yet, Michael? I laughed soooooo hard!

  4. Tommy Salami says:

    I’m revising a darkly funny novel about a bullied pair of kids now grown up and caught up with their now mob-connected friends… I will make sure to send it your way, once it is funny enough for my taste.

  5. Bryan Bliss says:

    My book is Harry Potter meets Twilight, meets Dystopian. But funny. Yeah, I know. It’s genius.

  6. Bryan Bliss says:

    AND… have you been to a Groundlings show?

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