It’s raining dogs and dogs

After much soul searching and researching we decided to welcome a new dog into our home this weekend.  We lost Jefferson (he was over sixteen years old) last December, and his sidekick Lincoln was very unhappy and confused as to where his pal had gone.  But with all of our incredibly bad weather, we were loath to get a new dog immediately.  And then the thought of training a puppy stopped us—we had done this four times over the last twenty-plus years and weren’t sure we were still up to the task.

And so we opted for a two-year-old blond, long haired mini-dachshund whom we named Gilli.  And here he is.

Gilli was raised by a breeder but his back was too short to show him and so the breeder elected to find him another home.  He has never walked on city streets or heard city noises or smelled the city smells so educating him is going to take some time but he has an incredibly sweet temperament and Lincoln already adores him.

Indeed, most everybody loves dogs I have found.  Just look at the bestseller lists; there is almost always a dog book on it.  The big seller now is Inside of a Dog by Alexandra Horowitz.  And just think of these others: How to Speak Dog and How Dogs Think by Stanley Coren, For the Love of a Dog by Patricia McConnell, Paws & Effect by Sharon Sakson, Amazing Gracie by Dan Dye and on and on.  Dog tales always seem to attract a large readership which speaks to the millions of dog lovers out there.

I have two authors currently putting together dog books—one non-fiction and one fiction—and I can’t wait to get each of them out into the market place.

And who knows—maybe some day down the line, I will write about my life with all of my dogs.  Not now though, I just want to enjoy Gilli and Lincoln for the time being.

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  1. Aww, that is an adorable puppy you have there! Congrats to your household!

  2. Robin Mather says:

    Congratulations, Jane! How exciting for you, and yours, and Gilli and Lincoln!

    Dachsies are such funny little characters. A friend who has recently been owned by one says his pup “is the king of everything 1 foot off the floor.” I know Gilli will wriggle deep into your heart.

  3. How nice for your older dog– they look very compatible already.

  4. Silver James says:

    Aww. Cute! We have mini-dachsies next door. They dig under the fence to come play with my boys. Only my boys are Newfoundlands. I’m terrified the little ones will get stepped on, and trying to fit them back under the fence and cover the holes while my brutes want to play is a misadventure to be sure! Enjoy the new member of the family, and I’m glad for Lincoln. Dogs are pack animals. They don’t do well alone.

  5. Congratulations on your newest acquisition. After breeding,training,showing and loving Shelties for 35+ years, running a professional dog show secretarial business, and living with multiples of dogs ever since the first one came into our family, I guess the fact dogs appear in all my stories isn’t unusual. I love finding novels that include pets in the story, too, so will be keeping an eye out for the ones you’ve mentioned.

  6. Kelly Klem says:

    Good name, Gilli. We replaced our beloved black cat, Charlie (after waiting the appropriate mourning period) with Gilligan (whom we call Gillie). He’s already won our hearts. Your Gilli looks at home.

    It only rains cat at my house…

  7. Congratulations! What could be better than a new doggie?!!

  8. Congratulations! What could be better than a new doggie?!! Best news I’ve heard all day!

  9. Teri C. says:

    Good luck with your new family member. We did something similar a few years ago — our Golden died at age 8 (cancer) and instead of getting a puppy we opted for an 8 month old yellow lab who was also “rejected” for showing by her breeder. She was about 5 lbs too small and had a cowlick on her nose. A dreadful cowlick! The horror! :-) And like yours, she was unaware of the outside world: had never lived in a house, walked on hardwood floors, used stairs, or heard household noises. The ice-maker drove her insane that first week!

    And since our new Lab needed a sister, last year we adopted a 2 year old, 3-legged Aussie from a local rescue group. It’s been lots of work, but also much entertainment and pleasure.

    All the best to you, Jane.

  10. Jenny says:

    Awww! Congratulations! What a wonderful addition to your family.

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