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I know, I know, everyone’s sick to death of Charlie Sheen, even those of us who’ve barely followed the story (my teenage fascination with Wall Street notwithstanding). But as soon as Charlie got canned by CBS, I knew it would eventually, inevitably, come to this: yes, Charlie’s shopping a memoir.

While I love a good juicy tell-all as much as the next person, it’s always bothered me that book publishing tends to be the last refuge of villains and scoundrels. How many times have celebrities burned out so spectacularly in public to the point where no one will ever work with them again, and yet, lo and behold, 6 months later they’ve got a book deals? And big ones, too! Just wait, Charlie’s going to rake in some serious bucks on nothing more than his name and a title—though, I’ll admit,  Apocalypse Me is killer.

Okay, I realize publishing has never really been the ivory tower that we imagine as undergraduates, but I just hate that feeling that in the media food chain we’re always the last suckers to be taken in. And while the AP reports that publishers are “wary of such polarizing books since the fiasco of O.J. Simpson’s If I Did It, you know that someone going to take the story—in fact, irony of ironies, look who wants to publish a book of Charlie Sheen’s poetry!

3 Responses to Blue Horseshoe Loves Book Publishing

  1. Ciara says:

    It gets worse, Jesse James shopping a tell all about Sandra Bullock. How depressing that someone who started off probably with great intentions in publishing now wants to help a neo nazi bitch out his ex wife.

  2. Bethany Neal says:

    Maybe the book will come with a sample of “tiger blood,” his drink of choice.

  3. Jason says:

    I just hate that feeling that in the media food chain we’re always the last suckers to be taken in.

    You aren’t suckers; you’re parasites.

    You’re pulling down 15% of the gigantic future revenue of something that you never had to write, edit, publish, market, or revise, and that took about thirty seconds to sell.

    The readers are the suckers.

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