And the winner is…

Did anyone watch the Oscars this past weekend? Thoughts? Exciting? Dull? I found it mostly unsurprising, but it also made me consider something I hadn’t thought before.  Typically a film’s performance during awards season will bring more interest, spurring ticket sales, etc. But what about the books from which many of these films originate?  Several of the notable nominees this year were book adaptations—The Social Network based on The Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich; True Grit and Winter’s Bone both based on novels of the same names, by Charles Portis and Daniel Woodrell, respectively; 127 Hours based on Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Aron Ralston.

So I guess my question is: watching a nominated film take home a top honor at the Oscars may make you more interested seeing it, but does it also compel you to pick up the book? Even think of past winners: Schindler’s List; The Godfather; Million Dollar Baby. If you enjoyed the film, would you ever consider turning to the text, without which there would be no film?  Do you have any particular favorite books that turned into film adaptations?

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  1. Sari Webb says:

    I don’t think I ever have picked up the book after enjoying the movie, but I often do it the other way around.

    I loved Eragon by Christopher Paolini but I thought the movie version was awful.

    I loved the Lord of the Rings adaption, especially because it was filmed in New Zealand (where I’m from). The section on Weathertop was even filmed on my Granddad’s farm :).

  2. Amy says:

    I read The Lord of the Rings after seeing Fellowship of the Ring & thought the movie versions were phenomenal. I also bought Atonement after seeing the film. So my answer is yes. If I enjoy a film that was based on a novel I will typically seek out the book.

  3. Oh yes, but of course the books are always better than the movie. I’d love to read the one about Facebook & Aron Ralston’s.

  4. D. A. Hosek says:

    I noticed that True Grit is in the top 5 books among those bought in Oak Park, IL.

  5. Bethany Neal says:

    Seeing a movie has spurred a book purchase more than once for me. It’s kinda like a 2 hr book trailer with a really good budget. 😉

  6. It’s interesting you should ask this today: I just bought The Ghost after watching The Ghost Writer. I didn’t know the movie was based on a book and kept remarking to my husband how great the dialogs were. And after watching the special feature in which Robert Harris, the author, talked about the book, I decided I had to read it.

  7. Janice Palko says:

    If I really like a movie, I have gone back and purchased the book. Most of the time, I find the book to be much better. However, there was one exception: Forrest Gump. The book was so bizarre, I don’t know how they ever developed the screen play for the movie from that book.

  8. Usually I don’t, but maybe that’s because by the time the movie is out there have been years of buzz about the book. In some cases I read the book before the movie (The Lovely Bones is coming to mind).

    I tune in to the Oscars, but I don’t get crazy about it. I read some cool articles this week about Livia Firth trying to go “green” on the red carpet. One of her dresses was made from milk proteins (I don’t even know how they do that) and her oscar dress was made from 11 vintage dresses.

  9. Ciara says:

    If I hear of a movie that I think sounds interesting and it’s based on the book, I will read the book first. If a movie doesn’t sound interesting no amount of awards will convince me to watch it or read the book it’s based on.

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