When It Rains

I’ve never understood why, but I feel like I always exist in one of two work modes: uncertain why I can’t find any good new material or drowning in a deluge of promising projects. It’s a drowning moment right now. I’ve signed up more new clients since the beginning of January than I think I did in most of 2010. I actually got really worried at one point that my standards must have dropped, so I took a few days off and went back to some novels before offering representation just to make sure I wasn’t being wildly optimistic. Each project was every bit as great as I had initially thought. It really was just a fluke in timing!

Of course, nothing undercuts the joy of finding several great projects at the same time like realizing you have no idea how you’re going to get through all of the editing you now have to do (“I’m dancing as fast as I can!”).

So I’ve cleared most of my plans this week to edit like a madman, but I’ve already seen the first ray of hope that I’ll be able to catch up: my slush pile from this morning included no less than four writers who called me the wrong name (i.e. Mr. Miller, Ms. McCarthy), two people whose queries involved catastrophic grammar mistakes in the first SENTENCE (think, “I is writing”), and one person who decided to query me because of my outstanding representation of a particular client…who is not, in fact, a client of mine. Or the agency.

I hope it doesn’t sound cruel, but when you’re overwhelmed with material, it’s easier to pass for the smaller reasons.

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