I like to talk about the weather

There’s a real possibility that it might snow here in LA over the next couple of days!  Overnight temps here are supposed to get into the low 30s, and there could be snow at elevations as low as 500 feet.  Craziness, especially considering how warm things were up until last weekend.  But yes, folks, it really can get cold here in sunny California, and it can actually get cloudy, too–today is one of those days (though as I typed those words, the sun broke through the clouds–it can’t be kept down for long).

What’s this got to do with books?  Probably not much, but I’m feeling the blogger’s block this week, and I was tickled by this Jacket Copy post on the weather and the Farmer’s Almanac.  For those that know me, I’m a bit of a Farmer’s Almanac fanboy.  I have no use for the information, really–I don’t garden–but I love both weather and predictions, so it’s the perfect combination for me.  And it’s impressive just how often they get it right, even if they seemed to have missed the mark with this cold snap we’re having.

Any other Almanac fans out there?

6 Responses to I like to talk about the weather

  1. Kelly Klem says:

    I predict that Spring is just ’round the corner. No, not that corner. The next corner.

  2. Dorian says:

    reminds me of Sinclair’s book–Oil

  3. I’m from Chicago, Michael but I live in L.A. now. And dang it’s cold here! That said I would love to see a little snow even in the flats.

    I wonder if all the celebs on the Red Carpet tomorrow for the Awards will be wearing wraps or flashing their goosebumps.


    Pam DuMond

  4. Bryan Bliss says:

    But is it NYC cold? That’s the funny thing about Oregon. Even when it’s cold, it’s rarely Chicago (where I grew up) cold.

  5. Joelle says:

    No wonder why when I added all the Farmer’s Almanac bits to Restoring Harmony you liked the changes! You never said.

  6. Shelley Cekirge says:

    I love that you live in LA and follow the weather. So little variation here! So little “weather” to speak of…

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