Better late than lousy

Lately, I have been thinking about how hurriedly we all feel we have to do things, especially in our work lives.  I have long subscribed to the motto “better late than lousy” and yet even I find myself doing things too quickly these days.

The ramifications  in our business of writing proposals too quickly (I am constantly telling clients to take their time), reviewing them too quickly and missing important problems as a result, sending material out too quickly without strategizing carefully enough, even reviewing contracts too quickly and overlooking points that we might want to negotiate further could be, indeed, very serious.

This is why I tell my clients, our staff, and most especially myself that we need to slow down and think before we proceed in all of these areas and in our relationships and communications, both professional and personal. I honestly feel we will all be happier and more successful in our lives if we learn, really learn that it is better to be late than lousy.

In what areas do you find yourselves doing things too quickly?

4 Responses to Better late than lousy

  1. I set weekly writing quotas for myself, and in some instances, have found it leads to me doing things too quickly. I’ll try to power through a section that needs more development, trying to get at least some words down rather than stepping back, revising my outline, doing additional research, etc. I’m getting better at this, but the urge to meet the quota is still there, and sometimes the writing could be better. In those cases, at least it’s just the first draft, which can be improved upon!

  2. Bethany Neal says:

    I do the same thing w/rushing writing quotas, Kristin. I have this weird sense that the world’s going to end–or more realistically my window for getting published is going to close–any second and I have to get everything out tout suite or I’ll miss my opportunity.

    It’s actually one of my New Yrs resolutions to stop doing this. Until I can get there, that’s what first drafts are for.

  3. Jac Urist says:

    On the flip side, I worry that (with writing/drafts/initial manuscripts/proposals especially) when you really are setting your own pace and deadlines, perfection can easily become the enemy of good. At a certain point (when late is somewhat relative), it’s a hard call to make.

  4. Joelle says:

    Ummm…what do I do too quickly so it ends up a lousy job? Cleaning the house. But I can live with that! Or I should say, I do live with that. Today I’ll try to do a better job because really, it’s all about EVERYTHING, isn’t it, not just our jobs.

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